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Monday, December 5, 2011

89. November 5, 1925 Part 1

Jonas Victor is "home" with his oldest son in Randolph, Kansas, near his old home where he feels the weather is "fine".  Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
November 5, 1925

Dear Brother Albert and the Whole Family,
     God's peace preserves our hearts in Jesus Christ.
     I thought I would write a letter to you.  I have time.  I am now at home.  I went from here June 15 to Clay Center.  I stayed there until August 23.  In June and July, it was hot, and I felt that I had difficulties to keep going on as before.  I felt that my health had become worse during the last year.
     Now it is difficult for me, both with hot and cold weather.  Here there is such fine weather, autumn and spring, neither too hot nor too cold.
     We have fine weather now.  In Clay Center and also in Osage (where his daughter, Matilda Skonberg, lived) the ground is not good for barley, but here we have fine barley and it is a rush to find people for picking.
     On my farm, the renter's farmhand and a boy, who is 15 years old, do the work. They get 6 cents a bushel.  They earn 5 dollars a day each or more.  The farmhands earn generally 40 dollars a month.
     When it is time for barley picking, they say that they want to be paid per bushel.  When they can earn 5 dollars a day, it will be different. 
     Next Saturday, the Mission Church will go to my farm to pick the barley.  Both girls and boys and whole families are coming with horses and carriages.  They bring their food and have a nice time.  They can pick barley, and the church gets the money they earn.

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