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Thursday, December 22, 2011

91. January 11, 1926

Jonas Victor tells of the time after harvest as being "Prayer Week", which we called Thanksgiving.   Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
January 11, 1926

Dear Brother Albert and Family,
     I have got your letter some time ago, so now I know how old you are.  Thank you so much.
     I can tell you that I am in good health, and I wish the same to you.
     Now we have begun a new year.  The old is behind us with sorrows, joys and troubles.  God has been our help, leader and comfort with everything.  We do not know what the new year is bearing in its bosom, but we know that God is the same, loving and merciful as He always has been.  He will help us this year, too.
     If I look back, the time has passed quickly.  If I did not know which year I was born, I would not think that I am 90 years old.
     Now we have a little snow, but is not more than that the ground is white.  No cold and no frost in the ground.  It is good weather for an old man, but I like it best if there is no snow on the ground.
     Here in the eastern part of the state, the harvest of all sorts is good.  Thirty miles to the west, the harvest was bad or no harvest at all.  The autumn was fine and there was time to get in the harvest before Christmas.  On my old farm, which now my children own, there was 7,000 bushels of grain in spite of the fact that on 10 acres they had wheat and oats.  
     When they have now done with the work with the harvest, they have "Prayer Week", and there are gatherings in various places for thanking God for his goodness.  He is worth thanks and praises.  The weather must be warm and fine  for me to be able to be there.
     I read in your letter that Gustav's son in Hamra is at home from "Sletten" and now has been out and shot moose.  If I understood Selma's letter, he has been there for two years and has another three years.  How old should they be when they are allowed to begin and how many years will they stay there?  (Is he talking about a school?  I am not sure).     It is difficult to see today.  It is cloudy and has been that way for a long time.  I am old so something is wrong with my seeing.
     Now I will finish for this time.  May God help us so we will be happily saved.  The person who will believe in God to the end will find salvation.

Your brother JV. Svenson.

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