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Friday, December 23, 2011

92. January 1, 1927 Part 1

In this letter Jonas Victor writes about the movement, etc of his family members.  I believe it was in 1926, that Sweden passed a law that changed land ownership requiring that some people move to another place.  I saw the stone outlines of the house Jonas Victor's wife, Anna Greta, had lived in as a child.     They had to move the house to another location.  Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
January 1, 1927

Brother Gustav Albert,
     I have received two letters from you since I wrote to ask you to answer some of my questions, so you are probably tired of that.  Thanks for everything you told me.  Do you pay anything for my letters?  The postmaster says that it costs 5 cents.  When you write, do not pay the letter.  I pay because it is for my sake you send the letters.
     Did not Gustav get another old field?  It was the worst soil, lying fallow in Hamra.  It was waterlogged a great deal, but that was 68 years ago, so it may be otherwise now.  I think it is too little for him.  I think he should get the meadow below and the fen cultivation, which cannot be good land.  I do not think that rye can grow there.  Did Gustav get forest ground in the enclosed pasture, which borders on Spakarp?  If Gustav buys Peter's part, he will get the large courtyard. Is it the yard where Gustav and Algot lived or is it more?  Who will get the field where Gustav and Algot have their cow barns?  Where does Algot get his part of the old field and swamp cultivation? Does his land border on Solebo cottage?  Gustav and Algot have a third part and an eighth over (?) in Hamra, so they need to get more.  It will cost much money to move their houses and pay the surveyor.  Does Algot have grown boys who can help him?

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