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Thursday, December 1, 2011

88. April, 1925. Part 2

Randolph, Kansas
April, 1925  Part 2

To brother Albert,      
My thoughts are with you and the area where I was born in Horn's parish.
     I stopped the paper.  I did not know if you liked that.  There are many papers in Sweden now, which you perhaps have.  If you want the paper, let me know.  You should not worry about the costs.  It is not very much.  Tell me if you want the paper, and I will send that.
    I have been at home quite a lot.  During the winter, it is too cold.  I went to church on Easter Day.  We always go by automobile and are quickly there.  It is   difficult for me to hear everything and my eyes are weak, but I am glad that it is as good as it is.  It could be worse.  Here there are many who are blind when they are old.  There is a woman not far from here who is not as old as I am, and she is blind.  She says that the time goes so slowly.
     It has been a few days since I wrote the previous to you.  I have to finish.  I am incompetent to write.  You can see that, when you read the letter.
     How is it in Hamra and with the wood's business?  I will pay for the letter.  You do not need to put on some post money.
     I enclose me and you in God's protection and help, so we will be happily saved and can meet with God.
     Kindly greetings to all of you from your affectionate brother.
                  J.V. Swenson

Let me know you need to pay for my letters.

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