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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

87. April, 1925 Part 1

Jonas Victor writes about his life staying with his son near the old farm.  He tells that his children have moved far away.  Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
April, 1925

Dear Brother Albert,
      I thought I would try to write a letter to you to let you know how it is here.  
      I have, thanks to God, fairly good health, so I am up every day and do not need to lie in bed with pain, as many have to do.  I am with my son Alfred.  I have my home there.  I will be going to stay with my son in Clay Center and stay there for two months this summer.  It is nicer in that town the warm time of the year.  I will also see old friends.  I have a good time wherever I am.  
     Now it is beautiful here.  The trees are blooming in different colors and the weather is fine.  The weather has changed.  It was raining for the whole night but now it lasts no more than half an hour.
     Alfred has much work to do.  He is working until nine 'clock in the evening.  His wife has much work with her hens and taking care of the eggs.  She lays hens at least twice a week.  The baby chicks that hatch from three hens are given to one hen. That hen now has about 30 baby chicks to take care of.  Alfred's wife has many hens now, that are out with the chickens.  The hens produce many eggs, sometimes up to 18 dozen eggs a day.
     Not much wheat is grown in Kansas this year, but around here it seems to be good.  It is not used so much here.  They grow more barley.
     The farmers have to work hard.  It is difficult to get a farm hand.  They want to earn forty dollars a month.  The young people are in school until they are 25 years or more.  Then they go to the bigger towns, and those who are talented and are reliable can earn a lot of money.  Some become very bad people.  It is very different these days.
     My children are spreading wide around.  The nearest son, who lives in Clay Center is 30 miles away.  My daughter lives 88 miles to the south.  Three sons live in Omaha, 180 miles north of here.  Our youngest son, I don't know for certain, but it is at least 250 miles northwest of here.  
     I cannot speak to them so often, but I get letters from them.  When they come it is always by automobile.

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