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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

76. July After 1922 Part 4,

Jonas Victor writes about his health and about some relatives.    Roselyn

Omaha, Nebraska
July After 1922

When I came to Omaha, I met the clergyman Gullen and his family and Hulda, who was with us for six years.  He said that he had visited Miss Larson, your wife's sister.  She is living with one of her daughters in the country. She is sick with an illness that causes her hands to shake a lot.  It was not because of her age.  They did not say if she had much pain.  There is much illness in the world.
     I have been around in the town and I have seen so many beautiful parks and farms.  I have also visited old people's homes and hospitals.  There are so many sick people.  I could not stand that, so I had to leave.  I prayed to God for good health.  
     I think often of Oscar, (his brother, Franz Oskar) if God could save him so he would be obedient.  I have gone around a lot, and I think I have it better now than earlier, when my wife lived, because I had so much to do.  But I feel more and more that I, most of all, want to be by my wife's side in the grave.  As long as God wishes me to live, I will be thankful.  I have reason to be thankful, because I am in good health for my age.
     I talked to Smitt in Cleburne.  He said that he had written to Anton Gustafsson, and he says he will pay his debt.  I think that he will do that, and send it to Gustavsson.  Andersson could perhaps send a little every time, so it would be paid in one or two years.  He is old, but his daily allowance is good.
     The carpenters in the land don't have much to do.  I think often of you.  I know from newspapers, that it is much better in Sweden now than before.
     I wrote to Chicago about the newspaper to you, and they said that you should get it until the first of April next year.
     When I read this letter, I see that I have written very badly, so I have to correct it.  It will be difficult for you to read it.
   Dear Brother, do write to me, so I know how you are and how it is in Hamra and how life is for Algot, Johan Petter's son.
     Perhaps this is my last letter, before I leave here.  I will go to Alfred's over the winter.

This letter is not signed.

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