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Monday, November 14, 2011

79. March 26, 1923. Part 3.

This is the final part of a letter.  He misses his wife, and as usual, he wonders about the "bog" and farm back home in Sweden.   Roselyn

Since Mother (his wife) died, I feel so alone and my thoughts are often of her, but I have it better than many others.  I have God's peace in Jesus Christ.  When I am at the cemetery, I think of "near and dear" and it is sorrowful for me.  When I come to my wife's grave where I have my great companion, then it is difficult to hold back the tears.  It will not be a long time before my body will be buried with her.  The reunion will be soon.  
     Here we have a burial plot for every family member and nobody else can be buried there.  Like many others, there is a cemented wall around the grave, 8 inches high and 20 inches deep and a gravestone in the middle with the name on. When I go to the cemetery, I find most of my old friends there.  I read their names and the year when they were born and also the year when they died.  It is cut into stones of granite, and it will not disappear in hundreds of years.  It does not feel good to see this, but it must be, so a new generation comes instead. Everything under the sun is perishable.
     You mentioned 3 crowns.  I always thought that you charged too little for your troubles about the inheritance from Gottfrid.  
     Brother Albert, do not forget to write and tell how it is with Algot, Johan Peters' son, and also about the harvest from the bogs, how much the wood is worth and if you can sell it.
     Let me know if you have a Sunday School in the neighborhood.  May we meet at home with God.  That is what I wish, and it is in my prayers.
     Kindest regards to all of you.
                     J.V. Svenson

The postmaster in Randolph said that a letter to Sweden does not cost more than 5 cents.  Let me know if you have to pay something.
     Let me know how old you are and also your wife and children.  
     I am happy that I got a letter from you and happy to write to you.  Do not wait so long to send letters.
     May God help us so we will meet our "near and dear" with God.  It feels strange sometimes, but God is the same as he always has been--loving, merciful and forgiving.
     From your brother.  Kindest regards to all of you.  J.V. Svenson

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