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Thursday, November 10, 2011

78. March 26, 1923. Part 2

This part goes into some wrongdoing by a family member with money and the result.  Then he goes on to ask about the price of wood in Sweden and about his livestock and his gifts of money to his children.  Roselyn     

Algot, Johan Peter's son, did wrong with much money and that is a sin, and ends with sorrow.  If Johan Peter had said no, Karl Johan would have been under a guardian and then nobody would be suffering.  It would have been better for Algot.  It was bad for Algot.
     I can tell you that in America, I have never heard of anybody who has stood surety for a person.  Those who have debts have to take out a mortgage on their land, horses, cattle and implements.  I have never heard that anybody has been without insurance, but if the landowners cannot pay, the owners of the mortgages have to sell by auction, but the people get no pay. There is no insurance on the bill or the debt note.
     How is it on the cultivated bogs?  Probably you get lots of feed.  How much is the inspected wood in Hamra worth?  They must be small trees.  It is odd that they can sell them.  I think it times are very poor in Europe.  We have always been happy that we moved from Hamra.  When you write the next time tell me about the bogs and the price of the wood.  It would be good for you if the price is high.  The price of lumber here is very high.
     Next week if the price stays the same, my leaseholder will send our cattle to the slaughterhouse to sell.  We have 55 cattle;  some are calves.  The calves that have been with the cows during the summer are bigger.  The price is not very high.  These are the last I will sell.
     I have given the children 1000 acres of arable land, 90 cattle and swine and other things.  I wanted to arrange it so I did not have to work with it.
     I get $600 a year for as long as I live.  I also have income from another place.  I do not need all that, but many people ask for money for the hospital, children's home, compassion for old people, the home for lung diseases and also money for the churches in Cleburne.
     When God has blessed us, I do not want to lose the way and not see directions in God's word.  You cannot give money to all.  If I get sick and have to be in the hospital, I must pay for that.        

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