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Sunday, November 27, 2011

85. November, 1922. Part 2.

Jonas Victor tells of some family business of money loaned.  He also writes about the schools and education in America.

Omaha, Nebraska
November 8, 1922  Part 2
     On the farm near Cleburne, I think that Anton knows Anderson and his son Karl, who have borrowed money from him.  They are carpenters and earn much money.  They have built houses here and there.  When the war was over, the building stopped.  The son, Karl Anderson, has moved to Kansas City.  In that town several hundreds of people live, and the town does not have too many carpenters.  Anderson, who has borrowed money from Anton, works with repairing a roof, so he earns money.  When I wrote to you, brother Albert, I said that they could pay because their earnings were so good.  You answered that Anton did not know that.  Then I thought that Anton had the same idea.  I do not know if Smitt has sent something.  I thought that he paid and sent it himself to Anton. I feel badly that Anton cannot get his money because he needs it.  
     Workers on farms earn $45-55 a month.  Farm-hands receive this and food and a place to live.  All farmers cannot pay a high salary, because they cannot make as much money, when they sell something from their farms.  The machines and tools are expensive to buy.  The tax is high, because you have to pay tax to the schools.
     Every district has to keep a school like in Cleburne, about 2 1/2 miles apart and pay the teachers and maintain the buildings.  Some teachers earn about $2,000 or more.  It works well for the farmers who have sons.  They come home three months during the summer, when it is a busy time.  Those who have no sons, have to work hard.  You must send the children to school.
     Here in Omaha, a school is ready now after two years' work. The master builder had a contract of three million dollars.  There are 3,000 students fourteen to sixteen years old.  They go to this school for four years.  (This would be what we call a high school). In another part of the town they are building another school in the same way at the same cost.  That school will be ready next year.  After the children have finished this school, they continue at high school (college?).  
     The children go to school from six to twenty years and more.  Both poor and rich children go.  All want to learn as much as possible.   

     I will finish writing for today, because the weather has been so cloudy and misty.  As I have not received any letter from you, I wonder if I, in my last letter, wrote something offensive.  In that case I want to ask your forgiveness. Have you received the paper?
     Dear Brother, if you are well, write to me.  I am in good health for my age, thanks to God.  Old memories come now and then.
     Greetings to all of you from your brother and friend.
     J.V. Svenson

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