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Monday, November 21, 2011

82. May, about 1924.

Jonas Victor is saying some things I heard from the "old Swedes" as I was growing up.  They regretted that most or all of the sermons at church were now in English instead of the familiar Swedish. The next generation spoke English.   Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
May, about 1924.

Dear Brother Albert and Family.
     Grace and peace I wish you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
     I thought I would write a letter to you.  When I am sitting in my solitude, my thoughts often go to you.
     I am now with my son Alfred, and have it good.  I pay for it.  They are kind to me.  I have it much better than other people my age.  Here I can have contact with God in private.  My health is good for my age.  I walk a mile every day if the weather is fine.
     I miss my companion.  Many times I wish to move to her side.  May God help me.
     I can see and read when it is clear and sunny, but if it is cloudy, I must strain my eyes to see.  I can not hear when the clergyman preaches.  If I know the lesson, I can understand the contents.  Now most is in English and I can not follow that.  I feel that I am not as strong as I was a year ago.  (In spite of often feeling he will soon die, Jonas Victor lives on for at least 10 more years).
     The weather is dry and cold.  In May people tended to plant grain.  The wheat and oats are tall.
     I have paid the newspaper, so you will have it until the first of April, 1925.  I have not written anything the last week, because the weather has been cloudy and cold, and I could not see to write.  Yesterday I got your letter.  Thank you so much.
     We also have a late and cold spring.  First in April we had warm weather, so Alfred sowed oats, and it grew tall so the hens go there to eat every day. The first of May, the cattle were let out so they had pasture then.
     Before the war I did not know any farmer who had declared bankruptcy;  now there are many.  It depends so much on the automobiles.  They cost a lot to have, but for them who can afford to have automobiles, it is good.  Then the taxes and employers are expensive.


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