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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

83. May, 1924. Part 2

Jonas Victor continues with his letter saying the boys go to school so they won't farm, people are spending more than they can afford, etc.  He gives advice to his brother Albert, about selling some of the wood in the forest on their land.  We do not have the end of this letter.  Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
May, 1924  Part 2

     The young boys are studying, and then they will not work at the farms.  The employees receive big pay, but nobody is satisfied.  These are troubled times.  The people have lived greatly in everything, so they do not have enough money.  There is much anxiety between the countries.  We do not know what will happen.
     You say that the forest affairs are good, so there will be a shortage of wood.  They have to plant where they cut down.....from Hamra forest. I understand what is causing this.
     Brother Albert, I cannot say that you should do as I say.  You know better than I do, but if it was I, and the prices were so high, I would sell.  There can be a forest fire and burn it up.  There can be a crisis so the affairs end, but if the times go ahead as it seems to do, the forest will get a higher price.  The price of boards and planks are unusually high here.  If I sold the wood, I would be careful until I received the money.  Now you do not need to take advice I have given you.  I have only said what I would do.
     In the Church, it is as you can see in the paper.  I can only say that, because Anton knows how it is in Cleburne, where there is a good clergyman, so it is a blessing.
     I will tell you that I have given Smitt $5 for taking care of Mother's (his wife's) grave.  I told him the he should send the money and give something to Anton.  I wrote to Anderson that he should try to add something, too, so they could send $8 to make it nearly 30 Skr.  Smitt said that he would try.  He has been not been well this winter and it is hard to get interested.

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