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Friday, October 28, 2011

75. July after 1922, Part 3.

Jonas Victor goes to visit his son, Henry, in Omaha.  He tells about the large wholesale store that Henry and Charles have there.   The brothers owned several retail stores in small towns in Kansas and Nebraska, as well as other properties and businesses.  I believe they opened a store in Omaha around 1906 and they soon changed it into a warehouse, providing wares for the many salesmen who came to Omaha, Nebraska. The last listing of it as a business was in 1945.  Roselyn

Letter head of Swenson Bros Wholesale Business.
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When the reunion at my old home was over, I went to Omaha, Nebraska, and now I am in Henry's house.  The building you see on the letter paper is Henry's and Charlie's store.  That building is a four storied building, 135 feet long and 65 feet wide.  It is built of brick.  
     The labor is expensive and what the farmers have to sell is too cheap.  Wheat is now 70 cents a bushel.  The taxes are high, but not for paying for the war.  It is for schools and roads, but perhaps a little for the war, too.  You say that America has demanded money from all countries.  That is true, but the government owed in this country what they borrowed during the war, from both rich and those who did not have much money.  I had to lend 5,000 with 4 1/2 percent interest, but that was good because I did not have to pay tax on it.  I receive money back every six months.
     My children and their families do their best for me.  I always meet nice and helpful people.  I have done that since I came to America.  In "bad places" in towns, there can be discord and fights.  Here there are no bars.  I never see anybody intoxicated, but I know that some smuggle schnapps.  The authorities fine (penalize-they must pay money) them. 

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