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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

62. December 28, before 1922.

Jonas Victor tells of Christmas and writes about finishing up some business.   Picture of envelope shows that in 1922, a letter from America to Sweden cost eight cents.  As it went by boat, It probably took about a month to arrive.  Roselyn

Envelope of letter to Sweden from Jonas Victor Swenson
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Cleburne, Ks.  December 28,  Before 1922.

Dear Brother Albert, God's Peace!
     I got your letter on Christmas Eve, so it was a Christmas gift as good as other gifts.  It is always nice to hear from you, many thanks.
     This Christmas was more valuable for me than others before.  My wife and I could celebrate another CHristmas together in our old age.  It was a great mercy of God.
     I am sending the testament to Hans's children, so they can see that it has been in court.  What I understand is that it is appointed that Hulda will get the 4000 brother Gottfrid allocated her, which is correct.  When the estate comes, we perhaps get a part of that.  If you send the money to me I send a check to Hans's children.  The cost is not more than two cents.  We never send money in letters.
     Please send a receipt from each one, because I can not write that.  It would be good if you could do that.  Then everybody can then sign.  Brother Albert, you must get paid for all your work.
     Hulda Olson, Hans's oldest daughter, has been here more than 4 years helping us.  Mama (Jonas Victor's wife, Anna Greta) needs help with everything.  Hulda is unmarried.  Your sons have to pay tax.
     It seems that it is better here for boys and girls.  They got to school free until they can be schoolteachers.  There are many colleges here.  In an area the same size as Svinhult's parish, there are three or four colleges.  The course is 4 years:  both poor and rich can study there without cost.  The young people go by car, so we have to pay the costs and taxes.
     The taxes are very high and the income small.
     I am not very well, so I finish now.
     Dear regards to all of you and Selma and Anders in Hamra.
                                       J.V. Svenson

Tell Anton (Jonas Victor's nephew) that he will get a part of the money that he lent out.

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