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Thursday, October 27, 2011

74. July, after 1922. Part 2

All of the Swenson children meet at the old home for a reunion for a few days.

Picture of the Jonas Victor Swenson Home
Where family gathered in about 1923
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Omaha, Nebraska, July after 1922
     The children decided that everybody should come to my old farm the 12th of July.
     My daughter (Matilda) and I went from Osage City to my home.  When I left that home I did not sell anything.  Everything was like it had been before, with furniture, bedclothes and household things of all sorts.  We had everything we needed.
    Among other things, there were 200 canned foods with fruits of all sorts, 10 gallons of wine, which was twenty years old.  My wife had made it partly of wild grapes and tame as we had at home.  You could not get better wine.  We did not use it and we did not now, either.  During that time, you were allowed to use it, and my wife served the wine when clergymen or other guests came.
     I forgot to mention that Alfred got the best bedclothes and silver and clocks.  The clock we had received on our 50 year wedding day, and it had worked for fourteen years with only one wind up a year.
     We were in my old home together for several days.  It was nice.

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