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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

68. Christmas 1922 Part 3

This is Part 3 of the Christmas letter sent by Jonas Victor to his brother Albert in Spakarp in Sweden.  He tells of his move from the home and what he took with him.   Roselyn

Randoph, Ks.
Christmas  1922
     I will tell you a little about my moving.  The children asked that I leave everything as it was, and only take the best gold and silver, the best bedclothes and clothes.  Furniture and carpets should be left, as were 200 glasses of canned fruit in the cellar.  
     I had to look through everything, and then I found a contract from when we moved from Hamra, which was signed by witnesses, Karl-Johan and Johan Petter.  The contract stated that when the first of "the old" died, we would get 300 and when the other died we would get 500.  There was 20,400 deposited, 800 for everyone.  
     I had never from that day until now, remembered that.  Mother, who had a good memory, did not remember this either.  The contract had never been in district court, so we cannot get it by law.  They had never told how much money there was when both died.  I take it as a God's leading in everything.  If Mother had gotten her right according to the contract, perhaps we would never have gone to America.  If we had remembered this and did not get the money, there might have been difficult thoughts, but now everything is good.
     Now it has taken me two days to write this letter.  I cannot write a lot each day, as my eyes are not so good.  
     I finish with many kindly greetings to you all.  "Still God is among us who are left, still he has love for us.  Hear how mildly he calls everybody, listen oh soul and come.  Lovely, lovely it will be at last, when everybody finally meets at the home of the Lord God".  May it so happen!
               Brother, JV. Svenson

We have fine weather, no snow.  My address is Randolph instead of Cleburne.

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