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Saturday, October 22, 2011

71. July, about 1923. Part 2

This is Part 2 of a letter written by Jonas Victor, who is staying with his son Peter Luther Swenson in Clay Center, Kansas.  He misses his wife, and also writes about religion in America.   Roselyn

Part 2.
     We think of our family members.  Not a day passes without thinking of my wife.  She was Christian and was happy, so it was good that she did not suffer more.  I think that I soon will be by her.
     Brother, I think that it is great that we have contact with each other, when we are old.  Perhaps you have told me your age and I have forgotten that.  It would be nice to know both yours and your wife's ages.  When you write next time, do not forget that.  I am waiting to get a letter from you.
     You wrote that Algot had received some money.  What I understand in Selma's letter, is that he had an eighth part "there up" (?).  Perhaps it was not known, but it was an inheritance from Johan Petter.
     Now I do not know what to write about the religious situation.  I can see people going to church.  It is a German church.  On the other side of the street there are two big churches as far as it is to your barn.  The people pass the house where I am.  I do not hear the clergyman preach, as I stay at home.  
     It is nice to see the children when they go to Sunday School, and when they come back they are happy.  They have their Sunday School papers and run.  In most cases the whole family goes to church.  I asked my daughter-in-law how many people in town belong to some church.  She said that hardly more than half belong to a church.  The others amuse themselves with pleasures or sitting in the park talking.
     The best part is that you never see anybody who is drunk.  There are no advertisements about pubs or beer.
     It is a favor that God will lead us so we will be happy.

Yours, J.V. Svenson

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