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Monday, October 3, 2011

About Spakarp in 1914

 My cousins, Rune and Irene Elofsson,  who translated all the letters, gave me these pictures.  They appear in a Farm Museum in Sweden.  Roselyn    

Spakarp in 1914
     These are pictures of the house at Spakarp in 1914.  All Swedish farms had names.  The cone shapes in the front yard are not decorative umbrellas. They are bee "skipes" or hives.  The ladder shows that the family was doing some roof repair at that time.  Family members may be seen in the top picture.  Since the pictures are in black and white, we don't know the color of the house.
     The 2006 picture of the house retains the stone posts in the front yard.  Many years ago, a road passed between the house and barn and turned to the left.  Signs of that road remain today and lead to the old school about 1/4 mile away. 
     The bottom picture shows Jonas Victor's nephew Anton Gustafsson hauling hay to the barn in 1939.

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