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Saturday, October 8, 2011

59. July 1920? Part 2.

Jonas Victor writes more about the garden and Anna Greta's (his wife) health.   Roselyn

Cleburne, Ks.   July, 1920 ?
     I am sorry that your son David is sick and also said for Oskar.  As long as we are here we have fights and sorrows.  We are told to give everything to Jesus and pray to God ask for help.  I feel that I am old, but for my age I am well. 
     I have 150 hens to take care of and that is a lot of work.  The leaseholders take care of my horses.  We have a big cabbage yard with sugar peas, (Swedish peas), beans of several sorts, onions, red beets, tomatoes, parsnips, carrots, cabbage, wild strawberries and several other things.  A part of it is canned and when you are in America you like such food and it is good for you.  Hulda does this work and helps us with the work in the cabbage yard.
     I go to town once or twice a week to sell eggs and buy what we need.  I have to harness the horses.
     I do not know if my wife is worse now than when I wrote the last time.  When she had the stroke, she could not read anything. Now she can read two or three verses, but she remembers old and new songs and sings them.  She also remembers Biblical text.  I think it was good that she had that in her head.  Her singing voice is good, but she feels sad some of the time every week.  She does not know why, but it is better now.  She is weaker now than before.
     Hulda is here.  She is God-fearing and good so it is nice for us to have her.  I give her $25 a month.
     You ask about Anton.  As a farm hand I was satisfied with his work.  He loaned money out to people who everybody knew would never pay him back.  We said that to him several times.  At last he said "What is money worth?  Nothing".  He has money which he will never get.  
     It is unusual that farms with woods in Sweden have become so much more expensive.  
     For us, it was a happy day when we took payment from Hamra and went to America.  What life would our children have had if we had stayed?  They go to schools here and learn about the country's state, and everybody has a good life.

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