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Friday, October 14, 2011

64. March 4, 1922

There are two letters from relatives of Jonas Victor's wife's family.  Algot was the son of her sister.  They immigrated to Arthur, Iowa from Sweden.  The letter may be written by his wife, Hilma Tunberg.  It is in regard to the estate of Gottfrid, Jonas Victor's brother.  The letter is to Albert Swenson, brother of Jonas Victor.   Roselyn

Arthur, Iowa
March 4, 1922
     Dear Uncle Albert,
Thanks for the letter, which I received a little while ago.  It was unexpected.  My sister,  Frieda,
told me when she wrote that Uncle Gottfrid had died.  I remember so well my uncles in Spakarp, even though I was so young, when we moved to Tuna.
     The years pass quickly and we with them.  We have five children, three boys and two girls.  The boys are married.  The youngest of the girls finished college a year ago.  She works at a pharmacy here in town.
     We moved to town last September and are happy here.  We have worked hard, so we could have something better while we are still living.  Our sons work on our farm and have jobs, so they do not need to move. 
     We have only one grandchild, a little boy three years old.  I am sending a little photo of him 
and our youngest daughter, Hazel, eighteen years old.  
     I am writing to let you know how things are for us.  Times are not as good as they have been, but I think they will be better.  Young people think nothing of the price for anything, but we older ones have seen worse times.
     We have had a fine winter with hardly any snow.
     Now, I finish my letter.  If you have any trouble for my part, I had not thought to be remembered.
     We all have good health's valuable gift.  We wish that you also have good health, which is the best to own.
     Dear regards to all of you.

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