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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

56. Undated (Between 1918 and 1922)

This undated latter from Jonas Victor Swenson is after the end of World War I--1918, and before June 7, 1922--the date of his wife Anna Greta's death.  We learn a little of Anna Greta's life and things she does.  Would her church have made quilts at their "sewing meeting" as Swedish church women did for many years?   Roselyn

Cleburne,  Christmas Time.

Dear Brother Albert and Family.  God's Peace!
     I will try to write once again.  I have written a letter to you and Anders Petter in Hamra, but I have not received an answer.  Whether you have them, I do not know.
     We are living on the farm and Hulda Olson (his niece) is here.  She cooks and cleans the house.
     We have renters.  Until now, I have been able to harness the horses and got to town and also to church.
     We are well, for our age.  Mama will never be well, but she is well in the head.  She knows everything.

Fredrik Jonsson and Anna Sofia (Fia)Svensdotter
sister of Jonas Victor Swenson
     This year we have had a big harvest of everything.  The prices have gone down as fast as they  went higher before the war.
Brother of Jonas Victor Swenson
 I wonder how things are with you, whether everybody is still alive.  Is your son, who was feeble-minded, still alive, and brother Oskar and Sister Fia?  How are the times?  I saw in a newspaper that nearly half of Hamra was sold to someone in Alhult.  I do not remember the sum.  The banks in Sweden write a lot about money.  They promise 6 percent interest, which adds to the sum every sixth month and the rate is "5SKr and 16 ore" per dollar. I do not know how it is for those who come from Sweden and have gone back there--and said that life is good for the people now.  (Irene says--"I do not understand what Victor means").  Is the railway line finished that would go to Hallefors?  
     I will stop here because the lines begin to go together.  If you get this letter please send us a letter.  It is nice to hear from you.  We wish you a Glad and Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.  God help us that we may be vigilant and praying and hold our belief until the end.  If you do that you will find salvation.
     I have been resting during the night and it is a new day, so I thought that I would write a little more.  Mama is resting until dinner, then she eats at the dining table.  She has been to town and church.  She has been to the sewing meeting twice, and has also visited our neighbor depending on the fine weather in the autumn, as it always is in Kansas at that time.
     Let us know where your son, Anton, is.  It would be nice to hear from him.  If Anders petter and Selma are in Hamra, send regards to them and ask them to write a letter.
     Kindest regards to all of you and our relatives.
     May God be with us all.

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