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Monday, October 24, 2011

72. September, after 1922.

Jonas Victor writes his brother Albert about the weather and harvest--ever the farmer!   Roselyn

Clay Center, Kansas
September--after 1922    
Dear brother Albert.
     I think I shall write a little letter.  My eyes are not so good, so I cannot write much.  When a letter to you does not cost more than 5 cents, it is good.
     I am now in a town named Clay Center, with one of my sons.  (Peter Luther).
     Around here and also in Randolph there was a bad harvest.  It has been too dry, so the harvest of grain will be nothing.
     I am writing this letter because I am thinking of Karl Magnus, Lotta's husband. Lotta, our sister, is dead.  I do not know whether Karl Magnus went to jail after he drove into the gate by the railway with his horse and carriage.  Let me know when you write how it was in Hamra after the surveyor had been there.  How is Karl Magnus?  Is he alive? If he is, how is he?
     He drank too much.  Otherwise he was a good man.  He did a good job on the farm.  He and Lotta leased the vicarage in Tuna parish and he bought Smedserum, also in Tuna parish.     
     My health is good for someone my age.
     I do not remember if I have written to you since I got your letter, where you were telling me about selling wood.  Thank you for letting me know how you are.
     May God help us so we will be happily saved home with God.  The reunion is left.
    I have been here for two months, but my address is usually J.V. Svenson, Randolph, Kansas.

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