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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

69. July 4th undated year

This is one of the last translations from Irene and Rune Elofsson.  It is from Jonas Victor and is an earlier undated one, but before 1922.  It is interesting, because he tells of the July 4th Celebration--American Independence Day.    Roselyn

July 4, undated

Brother Albert,
     Today is America's greatest day during the whole year.  We heard thundering shots at four o'clock in the morning before we had gotten up.  There were American flag floats in town and country.  Truckers and Knights (Men's service club?) are provided with flags.  On the roofs in the streets and on the gateposts you can see flags.
     Music, speech and song you hear from here and there.  It will be an enjoyable day, which is July 4, and I will sit down and write to you Mother, if you are alive, Brothers and relatives.
     I wish you God's peace and blessing.  We all have good health, but my wife and I are aging and our strengths become weaker.  For our age we are still rather well.
     God has the honor for that.  

It is unsigned.   

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