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Thursday, October 13, 2011

63. June 28, 1921

Jonas Victor is still trying to finish up estate business.  As the oldest living son, it must have been his responsibility.  With communication so slow, it took a long time. And the older generation worried about the younger generation--nothing changes!   

Cleburne, Kansas
June 28, 1921

Brother Albert,
     Your letter arrived two weeks ago with power of attorney and a copy of the testament.  When I got your first letter about brother Gottfrid's death, I thought that he had bequeathed everything he had to .....?  Therefore, I said that I did not want to have anything of what he had given to her, his housekeeper.  Now I see in the testament that brother Gottfrid has given her 4000 Swedish krona, and everything else goes to the relatives.  Therefore, I take what will be my part.  I hope you understand me.
     Now I will send the power of attorney and the testament to sister Lovisa's children to sign, but they are scattered around in several states.  It will take time before it comes back.  I am sending my power of attorney in this letter.  It is good that you will be my good man.
     Here it is as usual.  The times are bad.  Nearly everything has gone down compared with how it was before the war when there was an abundance of everything.     
     The wheat is harvested.  The oats are ready to harvest.  The wheat is not as good as last year.  Oats and potatoes are good.  We do not know yet how the barley will be.
     Now I finish with kindest regards to you and also to Selma and Anders Petter in Hamra.  
     We wonder why Oskar's son is living in Dunkullen.  He was rich when his mother died.  It is not right for a young man to live there.  The same thing could be said for Johan Petter's son, who lived in "Anebotorpet".  (?)

When you get time, write to us.  Kindly, Victor.

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