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Saturday, October 1, 2011

54. About Spakarp

Spakarp was the name of the farm where the Swen Jonsson family lived after they bought it in 1850. I think it was built in the late 1600's and had  been Royal property, as much of                                     Sweden was at one time.  
        It is a large two family home with a wall completely separating the entry halls and stairways between them. There are two huge fireplaces that heated the kitchens (also used for cooking), living rooms, and  bedrooms on the first floor and the large upstairs rooms that now can sleep up to 12,  I believe, with bunks around the room.  I assume the family used both sides of the house.
Fireplace in old kitchen
 The family that owns it now, spent several years remodeling and restoring the buildings surrounding the house.  They have modernized one half of the house, with a bathroom and a modern kitchen, and left the other half as it was long ago, with many old antique farm tools and other things.  It is a beautiful place with a long driveway up from the road.  It is surrounded by a forest, pasture, cattle and even an old school on the property.  
Playing an old game in the yard at Spakarp
     Daughter Susan and I spent two nights there, along with cousin Per, Asa and their two daughters Emma and Amanda.  It was fun to be there.  At dusk, as we watched the young family playing an old game in the yard, I could imagine the days when my Grandmother Matilda had visited her grandparents at Spakarp, before they moved to America.  I could almost see her playing in the yard.    
     If you want to read and know more about Spakarp today, click on the link below.  It is a web site from the family who own Spakarp.  It is used for family gatherings. And also can be rented by the week during the summer months.  Some families come back each summer for a vacation.                   
     You can see pictures and more information on this link.  The language is in English but can be read in Swedish,  as well.  It is so nice that this old Swenson family  home can be seen by others. 

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