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Monday, October 10, 2011

60. July 1920 ? Part 3.

Jonas Victor writes about his family, their businesses.   Roselyn

Cleburne, Ks. July 1920?  part 3.
     Our only daughter, Tilda (Matilda), is a widow and lives on a farm.  Alfred lives on a farm, Karl Victor and Hans Ferdinand live in a big town, 180 miles from us.  They have a big store that is called Wholesale.  They buy from factories and sell to people who have stores, so they have a big store.
Swenson Brothers Wholesale Business in Omaha, Nebraska Letterhead.
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They pay the women up to $80 a month and the men $100 a month.  
     Gustaf lives in the same town (Omaha, NE.)  He owns several houses, and a hotel which earns him $225 a month.  He also owns farms.  Otto is dead.  He was married to a German woman.  They had no children.  Our youngest son lives in the same town.  Theodore has a bank in a town further out in Nebraska.
I forgot Peter Luther, who has a store. All are married.  Peter Luther was here last Sunday and went home at sunset.  His family was with him.  When they come, they always drive in their automobile.
     Our work has been blessed, so we have until now, given $40,000 to our children.  They got something to help them start out in business.  If we change what we have given to our children to Swedish money, It would pay double the price for both quarters (2/4 mantal) in Hamra and the wood they have sold.

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