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Monday, October 17, 2011

66. Christmas 1922 Part 1

     This is the first Christmas letter after the death of Anna Greta, wife of Jonas Victor, on June 7, 1922.  She had been in ill health for several years.     Julotta (pronounced Ulotta in English) was the early morning church service in Swedish churches.  His description of Christmas services is very much as I remember them.
     In my memory, the church I attended had the service either late at night on Christmas Eve, similar to other church "Midnight Services" or very early Christmas morning.  One of my favorite memories is coming home from college and attending Julotta services in my home church-Stotler Mission Covenant Church.  My Dad (Vic Skonberg-Matilda's son) had always decorated our tall windmill by the house with light bulbs strung clear to the top.  I can imagine my Mother's worry as he climbed up there to hang the lights we would see from about 1/2 mile away, as we came up the road toward home.   A very favorite memory.  Roselyn

Brother Albert with Family.  God's Peace!
     Thanks for the letter the postman brought, when I came back from "Julotta" (the early church service.)  I could not have received a better Christmas gift.  I had not been to "Julotta" in many years, because my wife was sick and I stayed home with her.  
     Now I have moved in with Alfred, my oldest son.  When I was dressed, we went in the automobile and we were there quickly.
    Hulda Olson has moved to be with her sister, who is married to the clergyman, Gullen.  They needed her.  She will be there the rest of her life.  After that, I moved to Alfred's.  They have no children.  They adopted a little girl, who they have brought up.  She goes to school all the time.  Now she is home two weeks over Christmas.  The girl costs a lot of money.  She has been in Chicago.  Alfred has enough money for her to do that.  She is studying the French language.  She is a good girl.  
     Alfred has a big fine modern house with big rooms and expensive furniture.  I have the best room on the first floor, so I have it as well as I could wish.  I am also surrounded by the children and friends.  In spite of that I get tears in my eyes and feel alone, when I think of old memories.  Do rest in peace, My Dear, until we meet and the reunion will come.
     While we are now in the middle of Christmas, I will tell you about it.  "Julotta" is not as real here.  The Swedes celebrate, but the English language is spoken more and more and it seems that the celebration decreases.  There is a party in the evening, when the Christmas tree and church are decorated.  There is a program, the Sunday School children read something and sing and play piano.   Nearly all churches have a choir.  Yesterday evening they went to a party and they are going to another party today, too.

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