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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

73. July after 1922 Part 1

This letter is interesting because Jonas Victor tells why he moved from his home after his wife died.  He also says he visited his daughter, Matilda, (my grandmother).  I never knew he was ever in the house I grew up in.   Roselyn

Omaha, Nebraska
July   after 1922

Dear Brother Albert and Family.  God' Peace!
     I am now in Omaha, Nebraska, and will try to write a "travel letter".  When my wife died, I was without an earthly home.  My home did not feel like my home any longer.  If any of the children had been living there, it would be have been otherwise.  In that case I would have been there most of the time.  It is good to know that our right home is with God.
     I moved to the home of my oldest son, because he lives nearest to the farm and Cleburne.  I could care for my wife's grave as I wanted.  Alfred and his wife wanted me to move into their home with them.  They have no children, a poor home, though rich.  I would feel poor, if I had no children.  It is a pleasure to visit my children and grandchildren.  Alfred and his wife wanted to have a child, so they have adopted a girl.
     I was at Alfred's home til the end of May, when my travel began.  I went to my son in Clay Center.  He is married to an American woman.  They have a child, and did everything they could for me.  I stayed there for three weeks.  My old friends there were dead, but I found new ones.  When you come to a town, you get into contact with people, and that is nicer.
     Then I went to Osage City, where my only daughter lives.  She has nine children who are living, three who have died.  All the children are married except for the two youngest boys. (One of those boys was my father, J.V. Skonberg).
They live at home and work on the farm.  Two of the married ones live close to the farm. (These two would have been Will Skonberg and Hulda Lindbloom.) 
     There, as everywhere, they travel by automobile.  On Sundays, we went to church.  There was always some dinner party or supper after church.  The harvest of wheat was bad, as there had been too much rain.
     There, like other places I had a nice time.

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