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Saturday, October 15, 2011

65. November 8, 1922

Envelope of letter from Arthur, Iowa to Spakarp, Sweden
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Another letter from Hilma Tunberg in Arthur, Iowa to Gustaf Albert in Spakarp, Sweden.  He is the  brother of Jonas Victor Swenson.   Roselyn

Arthur, Iowa
November 8, 1922

Uncle Albert Svenson,
     Thanks for the letter I got in July.  You wrote that you would send me the money which was part of the inheritance from Uncle Gottfrid.  It was about three weeks before I got them.  
     They said at the bank that the money had been left at the wrong place, so it therefore took a long time.  
     I wrote my name on several papers, before I got the money.  These papers will go back, so that everything is as it should be.
     Thanks for all the trouble you had for me.  I will buy some remembrance, as it is like I received it from my mother.
     Again, thanks and Dear Regards to all of you from Hilma Tunberg.

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