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Monday, October 17, 2011

67. Christmas 1922 Part 2

This is Part 2 of a letter written around Christmas time.  Since the death of his wife, Anna Greta, he has lived with his son, Alfred,  who lives nearby.     Roselyn

Randolph, Ks
Christmas 1922
     Perhaps it has been more than ten years since Mama and I visited the Olson Family in Concord.  We also visited Clemet Larson.  He was married to a sister to Lovisa (Jonas Victor's sister).  She talked about her brother in "Tute" and also about you.  I was not well when we were there.  I have forgotten the name of the town.  I have not heard anything from them, but perhaps Selma Gulleen knows the name, so I can give you the name.  I will let you know when I get the paper.
     I have arranged it so the paper will come another year.  As I did not get a letter from you during for a while, I did not know how to send the paper, so I wrote that they should not send the paper any more.  After I got your letter, I wrote to them and asked them to send the paper to you for another year.  It does not cost very much.
     It is sad about brother Oscar.  May God forgive him his sins.  There is nothing we can do.
     The economy here is not as good as it was before the war, particularly for the farmers.  The labor is too expensive and sales are not as high.  Those who have help from their own family have it good, but those who must employ people have big costs.  The taxes are high, depending on the colleges. (?)  There is not as much tax for the war.  It is on the income that the tax comes and is comes more on the millionaires.  I have had income tax but not so much.
     The people live a good life.  The workers travel in their automobiles to their place of work.  Farmer, leaseholders and farmhands, everybody who can afford it, does that.  But there are many who cannot afford it.  The automobile is expensive to buy and maintain.  Suddenly, it becomes useless.  For those who have money, it is good to have an automobile to go from place to place quickly.

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