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Monday, August 29, 2011

16. March 25 1870

This is a sad letter from Carolina to her Parents-in-law, telling them that Sven Peter has died (of tuberculosis).  I confess that when I received this translation from Rune and Irene, I had tears in my eyes.  I recall he had written that after three years, they had bought land and had built a house that was small but "big enough for two people".    He said "the sun is shining on us" and he was "as happy as a man could be".  They had worked so hard and accomplished so much in this country, it seems unfair for this to happen.  He was only 34 years of age.  He had emigrated at age 21.  But it certainly happened to other people, as well.  My heart went out to Carolina.  She had worked so hard to make the business successful and was a widow in what was still a foreign country to her. We have not found any information about his burial.

Carolina Svenson
Andover Il  March 25 1870

Dear Parents-in-Law,

God's Grace and peace be with us all in my deep sorrow and grief.  I am writing to tell you that I am now a widow, which is a deep sorrow for me.  Some days ago Sven Peter passed away.

His disease began ten years ago and little by little his health became worse.  In the last year and a half he was very ill.  During the autumn of 1868, he began to cough and it became worse and worse.  During his last year he had a spittoon at his bed and every night he coughed up much.  The last year he has hardly been able to work at all and the situation was very bad.

He paid much to the doctor.  The last doctor he saw said to him that he could not do any more for him.

During this time he had been sitting up a little until nine days before he died.  Then last Friday morning at 4 o'clock he left this life and passed away peacefully.

At the end of my letter I will send some words from Hymn 344.

Kindly and lovely greetings from me to all of you.

Carolina Svenson

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