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Monday, August 29, 2011

19. June 14, 1870

A letter from Greta Lovisa who now signs her name the American way, using her husband's last name, Olsson, instead of Svensdotter.

Andover June 14, 1870

Dear Parents and Parents-in-Law, siblings and other relatives and friends,

I wish you grace and the peace of God our Father in Christ Jesus.  Often and for a long time I have thought that I should describe my heart's wishes, especially to you dear Parents.  I know that I am so dear to you, perhaps more than some of the siblings. Therefore, I am thankful both to you and to God.  (After that there are several lines with Biblical quotations).  I will ask for your approval of our departure here.  Although I have not heard anything about that, I know that you think of us.  We are all well.

We now have 80 acres, so we have two horses and farm implements.  We have sowed 10 acres of wheat, 16 acres of oats, and the rest in maize (corn).  We have two cows and five pigs.  You need time,  work, and happiness  in America before you will have wealth and independence.

Many thanks, dear Sister for your letter.  It is a lovely remembrance in lonely moments.

I send greetings from brother Hans Alfred.  He arrived the last Wednesday, June 8.  He is well and satisfied with America.  He stays with my sister-in-law and will be there all summer.

Brother August is now married to Carolina.  It was quick, but she needed his help and the custom of this land is that way. ( From Roselyn--we think that Jonas Victor might not have approved of this quick marriage.  He may be still thinking of the ways in Sweden that required the reading of banns in the church, etc. before marriage)

Brother Jonas Victor did not even stop enough that we saw him.  They arrived in Galva, 28 miles from here.  It was strange.  He went to Kansas to Johanes' sons in Applerum. (We don't know who that is--probably someone they had known in Sweden who now lived in Kansas. Irene says that that Hans Alfred and Jonas Victor and family emigrated together.)  

Send regards to Johan Pehrson in Hamra that we received his letter and say thank you, but we cannot grant his request now.  We have spent all our money for our travel here and we have not yet received anything from those we helped.  These are hard times for getting money because the country's in recession since we elected the last president.  A free country has difficulties because the people may not choose the right president for their government.

Now I finsh with a wish that God in his grace will lead us in His truth that we will have life.  Many regards to all of you from one who writes respectfully.

Your affectionate Child and Sister.

Greta Lovisa Olsson

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