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Monday, August 29, 2011

17 March 25 1870

A letter from Johan August telling of the death of Sven Peter and his estate.

Andover 25 March 1870
Dear Parents,

God will be with us in this world so we can pass away and wake up in a better world and there meet and sing together "Hallelujah and Amen in Jesus' Name".

I am writing to let you know about Sven Peter's estate.  Carolina keeps what he had.  They had bequeathed the estate to each other while he was still alive.  I can also tell you that Hans Olson (his brother-in-law) has rented 80 acres of the land and will pay rent.  He has paid $200.  Last fall I rented the land from Sven Peter.

I have no more news to tell you.  We all have good health that God has given us and hope this letter will find you in the same good health.

In great haste,

Johan August Svenson

Hans and Lovisa send their dear greetings to our parents, brothers and relatives in Sweden.  I send also my greeting to all of you.

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