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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3. March 19, 1860

This is the second latter from Sven Petter.  It is much shorter than the first letter we have.  He tells of sending a "portrait" of themselves.  It would be nice to see it.  There are no pictures of them that survives.

Andover 19 March 1860

Dear Father and Mother and Siblings.  We wish you everything good.  While it is time I send some lines with a person who is going to Sweden this week.

We will tell you that we have good health until now.  It is a good advantage.

I will send you our portraits so you can know us as when cannot see each other face to face.  We send it as a memory.  When it comes to you, look at it closely and then send the other half to my parent-in-law, but be careful about the portraits.  We hope it will go quickly to my parents-in-law.  Please try to do as I want, if that is possible.

My time for writing is short, so I can not tell you any details.  We live on our place still and are satisfied and glad with our exchange.  We have provided much since we came here.  We have bought ground, which I wrote in the last letter and we still have our cattle.  We have 7 cattle and oxen today and I have thought if I have had this farm in Sweden I should be a rich man.

My friends, my time is short so I finish my letter for this time with a kindly greeting to you all.

Sven Petter Svenson and Carolina Andersdotter.
I ask for an answer if you had not sent that before.

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