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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5. January 21 1868

In this letter Sven Peter is suggesting to his brothers they should come to America while they still have enough money for the trip.  You will notice that all the family go by their second names.  Even my father and some of his siblings also went by their second names.  

Andover 21 January 1868

The letter I received 15 January came too late to me.  A man with the same name has got it out of the post office, and I cannot help you with any money because I had loaned out $350 before and will not get it back until next autumn.

I have heard that it goes backwards for you at Spakarp, so try to sell everything, and my nine siblings could receive about $75  each.  Let both my parents and yours have the rest of the money for needs.  It will be the best to do so while you have something left.  If you stay more years in Spakarp youwill have nothing left.  The more you work, the more you will be be poor.  I do nothing during the whole winter and get on well.  From New Year we have had cold weather but no snow yet.

You,  (Johan) August and (Gustav) Albert want to come here and you can come, but I say that you come too late.  I nearly came too late.  Now I can say that I have money enough to be able to live here.  If you come it will be good for me.  I can give you work, my brothers.  If you can,  come early in the spring to learn the ways, but only buy the ticket to the town of Geneseo,  where you can stay.  At that place there are always many Swedes with corn, so you can go with them to Andover.  You should only take a few clothes in a little trunk.  If you get this letter, let all read it.  As father is sick he should have money for living and Hans and Gottfried can come another year.

A Lovely Greeting.  S. P. Swenson

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