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Monday, August 22, 2011

1. September 1859 Part 3

This is the last part of  the letter.  Sven Peter tells more about life, his family and coming here, etc.

I have thought much about you, my siblings.  I know your living earnings in Sweden.  I see what should be better for you, but I will not say that you should come over here.  The parents would be worried and our father would not be well here.  The person who comes over must have good health for it demands it here.  So you had better stay where you are as long as you can.  You must understand how to do it before you try to come here.

I understand that brother Hans has to go to the military two years in succession.  We do not know about that here, not any war  or military service.  Here there are no supermen, you are as you are.

We have no names of the farm.  The man's name is on the farm.  What we call Andover is a town where we post our letters.  I live close to the town so I can see it every day.  When you write, let me know if there is postal service between Vimmerby or Svinhult or some other place, so you could receive the letter faster.

I hear it has been very hot and dry in Sweden.  We have had the same here, but we have got a good harvest in spite of that.  I also hear that Lovisa (his sister) is getting married and will live in Hamra.  Victor  (his brother) already has two heirs.  I have been married nearly as long as Victor, but I have no heir.  Still no child is on our way.  My wife send a patch of a quilt she is making for Lovisa so you can see what it is like.  She has sewn four.  We cannot come to the wedding, Lovisa.  We wish you a happy marriage.

Now, my sisters and brothers I have in a few words told you about how we are and a little about America.  I have more to tell but my work is waiting.  I only will say some words to all of you.  We have a fight in this world, but let us not fight in vain and remember the Heavenly Father and pray about help from Him.  The Lord bless us and save us forever.  Amen

Kindest regards to relatives and friends and thousands regards from us.

Sven P Svenson and Carolina Andersdotter.

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  1. I loved hearing about the quilt Carolina is making for Lovisa!