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Monday, August 22, 2011

2. Swenson Family in Sweden

Now that you have met Sven Peter Swenson, let me introduce the whole family that was living in Sweden or had emigrated to America at the time of the letters.

Father--Sven Jonsson  born Aug 5 1805 and died Nov 16, 1887
Mother-Greta Pehrsdotter  born Nov 19 1811 and died March 13 1904

Children:Anna Sofia Swensdotter born April 3, 1831  died Jan 18, 1934  (she lived to be 103 years old)
              Sven Petter Swenson born Jan 18 , 1833   died March 1870   Immigrated in 1857
              Jonas Victor Swenson born Oct 1, 1835   died Mar 13, 1933  Immigrated in 1870
              Hans Alfred Swenson born Feb 9, 1838   Died in 1870   Immigrated in 1870
              Greta Lovisa Swensdotter  born May 21, 1840  Immigrated in 1868
              Kristina Charlotta Swensdotter  born Oct 1842
              Johan August Swenson  born Mar 24, 1836  Immigrated in 1868
              Gustav Albert Swenson  born Spet 17, 1848  died April 15, 1935
              Gottfried Swenson  born Sept 12, 1851   died  Feb 19, 1921
              Frans Oskar Swenson   born May 22, 1856

As you can see five of the siblings came to America.  Gustav Albert came to visit Jonas Victor for a short time and then returned to Sweden.
The writers of the Letters to Spakarp are Sven Petter Swenson, Carolina Swenson, Greta Lovisa Swenson Olsson, Jonas Victor Swenson, Hans Alfred Swenson and Johan August Swenson.

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