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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

24. November 22, 1875

A letter from Jonas Victor asking to borrow money.  His wife's family lived in Hamra.

Jonas Victor Swenson
Randolph, KS 22 November 1875

I have written to the relatives in Hamra and put in a letter to you asking if you can lend me 500 Swedish krona.  I want to buy bullocks.  You can make very good earnings here.  Here that amount would equal about 140 dollars.  You can buy bullock calves one year old for 11-13 dollars.  When they are two years old they are worth about 22-25 dollars and at three years about 35 dollars.  Consequently, you can double the value in a year.

The compound interest on this money will not be more than 10 dollars.  It is enough both for postage and everything else.  It is not more than what a bullock needs to grow up and I could buy 11 or 12 such calves and food does not cost more than a little work, when you have your own machine for cutting feed.  Otherwise, the cost would be more.  If I did not own a machine, I would not ask for money.

Here the compound interest is too high.  They who lend out money, take 20 per cent and the banks take 24 per cent.  If it wasn't so high, I would borrow here.  I do not need them for any debt, and I will not do you anything wrong.  If you think that I would cheat you in any way, in that case you should not send me money.  But I think I can earn 100 dollars in a year with this money.

I would have that much money this year but I have bought machines and horses for 1000 Swedish Krona.

If you cannot send all the money at the same time, you can send it in two shipments.  If you cannot send so much you can send less, but not less that 350 Swedish krona.  I will pay compound interest from the day you send it to me.  I will send a Swedish promissory note or American note--whichever you want.  You will not be taking a risk.

I have nothing more to write this time so we send the kindest regards to all of you.  Our Father in heaven has by His endless grace given us health both to body and soul until now.

Victor Svenson

On the side he has written a Biblical quotation:  For God loved the world so much everybody who believes in Him will not be lost without having life forever.

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