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Saturday, August 27, 2011

13. 3 October 1869

This is the last letter we have from Swen Peter.  Though he is very ill, he is making plans for the future and has bought more land.  He also tells of the troubles of another immigrant Swede he knows.

Andover  3 Oct 1869

As brother August sends a letter, I will with gratitude write some lines to you my brothers and tell how it is with us.  It is rather good, as long as we work hard.

I will let you know how the harvest was this year.  We got something from it all, but not as much wheat.  We have straw but not much grain.  Because of that I have lost $1,000 this year.

I was not satisfied so I have looked around and bought another farm and will move the next spring.

Now my brothers, you who want to come here next spring can perhaps stay with me as farmhands.  I would be rather glad because I have land in three places.  I do not want to entice you.  Do see what is best for you.

Hans Petter from Fundshult came here with a strong body, but now he is bad and his health will never come back.  He went away to work as a railway worker.  He had to sleep on the ground directly because there was no cottage there.  He has now come back with a bad body and will not stay in bed.  He wants to go "back to Fundhult".  He has brain damage and is dizzy and acts like he is crazy.

Sven Petter

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