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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25. March 21, 1876

Anna Greta has a little daughter but the baby does not live.

Jonas Victor Swenson
Randolph, KS  March 21 1876

Grace and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for the letter we got from you yesterday.  I will answer at once and I also have some questions.  Thanks for the seeds you sent.

We thank God for his protection both with health and other good advantages.  Please send regards and thanks to the people in Hamra for all the troubles they have had for us.  We have not got the letter which was addressed to Anna Greta.  When we heard about the letter, I asked at the post office and they said that it had been there several months, but now they had sent it to Washington.  It is the law here that when a letter lies a certain time and nobody asks for it, it is sent back to Washington, where it will be opened.  If it is worth something it is sent back to the sender or a notice is put in the newspaper.

On New Year's Day we got a girl, but God did not entrust us to take care of her.  Our Heavenly Father loved her;  therefore he took her home to Himself.  She was born two months too soon.  She lived about a half an hour.  She was christened Hilma Charlotta.  The Lord gave and the Lord took.  Anna Greta thinks that it would have been a pleasure to keep her, but she will not fight with God about her.  She will not deny the happiness for her to be with her Heavenly Father.  God is right.

We have had summer the whole winter until March 1, when it was cold.  We have not seen any snow during the whole winter until now.  We have been out in the sleigh today for the first time this winter.

Already in the end of February, somebody has sowed wheat.

Our dear regards to all of you and the family in Hamra.

Jonas Victor Svenson    Anna Greta Svenson

I hope you can still read a book.  In that case, you should buy Resenius writings, if you have not read them before.  They are good.  You can also buy Luthers postilla.  It is a pleasure to read what our master Luther says because we are Lutherans.  The Germans here will build a new church in the summer.  We will have as long way to go to this church as you have in Hamra.  They built a house for the clergyman last summer so he is living there now.

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