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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

100. January 10, 1928 Part 2.

This second part of the letter is unfinished, a little unclear and parts are gone, but he is thinking about the partition of the land and the past.  Roselyn

Clay Center, Kansas
January 10, 1926

     I read in your letter that there was a good demand for wood and the price is good.  You got 4 in the calf pasture.  I think it is the same in.....It is closer to drive, and according to the price it seems to be a good time to sell.  The price will be is going up quickly and it will be in order after the war (?--what war?  World War I ended in 1918--10 years before)
     Now I finish with dear greetings to you.  I feel gratitude to God for every morning I can get up from my bed.
     When we think of father or our parents, there was perhaps a good side of him. They inherited much, so they had drinking parties.  Then they signed a guarantee connection.  After several years they had to pay the whole debt.  It took so much of what they had, so they had to leave house and home.  It happened more up to the flat land.  Down in the wood land it was never so.  When they bought Spakarp, it Hamra Fralse, it was an advantage.  Father liked to party.
     If a withdrawal was made, it cost money to get it out.  The interest deducts when they got the loan.  In 30 years the sum is gone.
     Now some questions about Oskar.  When his money is used up, can he stay there without paying or who will pay for him?  Did the widow receive money for improving Dunkullen?  Can you sell as much wood as you want, so they stamp that?  When you sell both wood and brushwood, do you have to plant again?  When you sell wood, do you get all the money yourself?  It seems right that you get all.  Brother Albert, you are probably tired of all my questions.
    We have beautiful weather.  We had a week with snow, which now has melted. 

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