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Monday, January 16, 2012

103. July 6, 1928.

It is midsummer and Jonas Victor remembers it as a beautiful time in Sweden.  Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
July 6, 1928

Thanks for the letter I received from you.  It is always nice to hear from you.  At midsummer, it is a beautiful time in Sweden.  I received your letter on July 4.
     We have had cold weather until a week ago.  Now it is warm with a south wind.  In the room where I am sitting, the thermometer shows 90 degrees, and in Randolph it is 100 degrees inside.  Outdoors it is hot in the sunshine.
     When we received your letter, we had eaten new potatoes for two weeks.  They are cheap here.   The potatoes in the South are so cheap, it is not profitable to pick them, so there are several thousand acres there that will not be picked.  The potatoes cannot keep hiding. (?)
     I see in your letter that Anton is a Pentecostalist.  I have read about them in Sweden.  We do not know any here.  Perhaps he is a Pentecostalist for a while, and then he belongs to another sect.  
     Is he busy repairing shoes and making new?  He has probably earned much money.
      I have three children in Omaha, Nebraska.  Now they want me to go there.  They come get me with the automobile.  It is 180 miles away.  At my age, you want to live in peace and quiet.  Young people do not understand what old age feels in its heart.  On the other hand, it is not as hot in Omaha.  Here it is sultry warm, and then my eyes get worse.  If it is cooler, I can see well. 
     Thanks to God, I am rather well, but I have pain in my feet, so I have to get up every night.
     On June 7, it was six years ago that Mother died.  Life is best when there is hard work to do.
     We are in an evil world.  May God help us, so we will be saved to a better land.  We can see the members of our family and dear friends there.  We will also see Jesus.
     Dear Regards to You.
           J.V. Swenson

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