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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

97. April, 1927 Part 2

Jonas Victor is remembering the past with his wife and deciding to come to America.  Roselyn

Clay Center, Kansas
April 1927 Part 2

When I am sitting alone, my thoughts go back to my childhood, and I find so much lack of wisdom.  That which my wife and I thought was difficult to leave, was our happiness.  Mother thought that Gnost was the nicest place she could live.  There were two old persons who should have exception. (his parents?)  We had debts for the half and servants (?)  There was no meaning, how we worked and kept house.  There was nothing left.  We wanted to find happiness, so we sold and went to America.
     If we had not had any debt, we would still be sitting there, and our children would have been born in Sweden.  We would have lived there satisfied, as the others in the neighborhood, but we came to America.
     The children were small.  We went to Kanas.  It was the only sober state in America.  There was no restaurant, but some served schnapps.  There was no demand to do military service.
     The children turned out well.  Of course, it was hard the first years.  The economy has been better than we hoped.  It is...and what is it worth when we die?  We had to think that what we were doing was not going to hurt our spiritual life.  When you get old and cannot do very much, the best is to leave it.  But you have to get what you need.

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