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Friday, January 13, 2012

102. February 18, 1928 Part 2

Jonas Victor is remembering his parents and times back at Sparkarp--his old home in Sweden.   Roselyn

Clay Center, Kansas
February 18, 1928  Part 2
     I have thought many times of Father's and Mother's last years.  How good I have it compared to them.  I think I remember that you told me that Mother was sad before she died.  It was difficult for her to be in bed for 8 years. I do not know if she could sit up in bed.  It was hard enough with that.  
     I have been wondering what it was that made her so sad.  Could it be Oskar?  I heard that he was bad and troublesome.  The clergyman came and talked to Oskar, but Oskar felt superior, so the clergyman could not do anything.  I do not know if it was true.  I have heard that, and then I wonder if Mother was sad about that.  
     I do not think that any of her children in America made her sad.  She used to say:  "If they go to America, they will have a good life."
     When I am sitting here, I remember the time since my childhood.  As long as I was on the farm, I did not think of all the work there was to do during that time.  When I now look back, I can see the buildings in Spakarp, pear trees and cherry trees.  We used to sell pears and cherries.  The cow barn was far away.  It was a long walk to go there.  Perhaps, it would not be as long if I were there now.
     I think of all the changes in Hamra.  We also change.  I have thought of the words that the clergy man had said "We are given notice to move".  I have moved many times from one place to another, particularly in Sweden.
     I want to depart this life and be with Christ, which will be much better.  That time is coming.  May God help us to go home in peace.

Dear Greetings to you from the old brother.

The reunion remains.

Do you know if sister Fia (Anna Sofia) is in her house again?  Since I wrote this, I have had dinner and been out and went in the car in the town's streets, which are cemented, smooth and fine.  

When you get time, send me a letter.

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