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Thursday, January 12, 2012

101. February 18, 1928 Part 1

Jonas Victor is again writing about Spakarp and about the movement of houses. Roselyn.

Clay Center, Kansas
February 18, 1928  Part 1

Dear Brother and Family,
     I have the great advantage to have good health for my age.  When I am sitting in my solitude, I sometimes feel lonely.  I think the time goes slowly, but sometimes it goes quickly.   It is now soon 6 years since my beloved wife died. 
     I am now in Clay Center with my son (Peter Luther). I arrived January 9, and I am leaving from here the first of next month, if God give me health and strength, and if it does not change, because I shall go to the dentist.  He has been away, but he is back in a week.  I do not know if it will be to fill the old teeth, or to do new.  That can change the time I go home.  
     It does not matter.  I have a good time where I am.  Here it is better for my feet.  Home at Alfred's, I have my feet on a warm brick.  Here they have a fire in the cellar from where there is a flue to every room in the whole house.  The floors are just right warm for my feet.  I have no pain in the night.  It takes much coal to have fire to heat such a big house.  There are 6 rooms in the upper floor and some of them are big.
      By now, I think they have begun to pull down the house for moving in Hamra.  I think of the questions in my last letter when I asked for an answer.  It was lack of wisdom about the widow in Dunkullen if she got anything of what they had improved there and with the payment to Oskar.  I have nothing to do with that.  I do not remember if I asked if you had the right to stamp or sell as many trees you wanted, or if you only get to sell perhaps a separate part per year.  It would be interesting if you would tell me.

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