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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

106. June 1, 1931

As an aging man, Jonas Victor spends much time in his rocking chair, remembering the past.  He also talks about what he eats.  His diet was really quite modern and healthful--unusual for that time.  He mentions church work for the women.  Roselyn.

Randolph, Kansas June 1, 1931
     Thanks, brother for the letter I received yesterday.  You wrote with black ink, and then I can see to read it.
     Today, Sunday, Mina and Alfred (his son and wife who live near his old farm).  are at church, where there is a Sunday School convention.  Many congregations are there to discuss whether they think that Sunday School is good for the children.
     Perhaps you wonder why I am not with them.  It is too cold for my feet.  The floor is too cold, and then I get severe pain.
     During the night I sit wrapped in the rocking chair, and have my feet on a fur skin.  I had my breakfast in my chair.  I was so tired, so I fell asleep and slept for two hours.
     Now it is noon and the dinner is on the table.  Coffee, egg, butter, honey, milk, sugar and pie (sweet roll) are the best in the morning.  I always eat whole wheat--it is wholesome.  I mix it with raisins.  As you know, it is like grain.  It is the first thing I eat in the morning.
  I have talked about eggs.  My daughter-in-law has 400 hens and 200 roosters. The roosters are valuable to sell when they weight 1 1/2 pounds.  You should not eat too many eggs; two a day are enough or three the same day.  I always eat one.
     I have a good appetite and I sleep well.  Now I can eat more than I did several years ago.  However, I think the people in Sweden eat more than here, like potatoes.  When I was in Sweden they ate lots of potatoes.  I eat two potatoes, but Alfred, my son, eats more.

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