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Monday, January 2, 2012

95. November 1928 Part 2

Jonas Victor continues his writing about taxes, education and farming.  Roselyn

Randolph, Kansas
November 1928  Part 2

     Otherwise we have to pay tax for the money in America.  The workers have to work 8 hours a day, but must work very hard.  In America everything must be done quickly.  In the factories they have to do special work.  On the farms they have to work from the morning to the evening, but it is not as it was when I was in Sweden.  Then you sometime had to get up at four o'clock for cutting.
     We have fine weather, but it is dry for the wheat.  Where I have been this last summer, the wheat did not grow.
     When I was in Clay Center, the people came both from the country and the town and visited what they called 'Pitses tratik" (I do not know what this is-Roselyn).  It costs from 25 to 50 cents per person, not as much for the children.  Much madness is showed and the people go mad.  Somebody is there every evening.  The rich people do not do this.  
     There are many people there who have many debts, and they are going downhill.  You wonder how it will be in the future, when young people and children grow up with this.  They go to school up to 25 years.  When they have finished, there are some who come back to the farm, but preferably they stay in town.  Some will be bad people.
     You write that you need rye and wheat.  That is true not only in Sweden. It is so everywhere.  If Sweden gets a month's out shipping, it would be enough. During September, shipping costs 480 millions dollars, mostly grain.
     Now I must finish my letter.  I have come to think that Fia (his older sister) was to.....and "The Old" receive loving proofs.  The times have changed since my youth--much to the better.  Many were poor.  Some of the old people you made fun of.
    May God lead us so we get to be together home with God.
     J.V. Svenson

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