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Monday, January 23, 2012

105. December 6, 1928

Jonas Victor is still remembering some money transactions from long ago in Sweden.  He also talks about the recent presidential elections in America.  Roselyn

Clay Center, Kansas
December 6, 1928.

Brother Gustav Albert and Family!
     I came here last Monday.  I have a son here, and I am sitting here alone, but not far from dinner.  I never know how it will be when I move.  When I come, I have it good.
     I like best to be quiet.  I have some problems with my feet.  I must have them on a warm brick.
     I want to tell you about a letter I got from you.  I thought I had it, but I cannot find it.  It was about some money from an inheritance.
     Now during the winter, I cannot go out.  It is too cold, so I sit in a rocking chair all the time.  Here I do not need to go out because they have a fire in the cellar, so the floors are warm.  When I am with my son on the farm home, I have to go out to bring in wood.
     I am writing to say that it is best if you can take one day at a time and rest in the comfort of my father's hands.
     As you know, I was in Omaha, Nebraska (He was living with another son there).  I always go in an automobile both ways.
     There has been more rain than we need here in Clay Center.  There is a good harvest of everything.
     I will tell you a little about the presidential election.  The Democrats put up a man who was governor of New York, the most important occupation in that state. He had a good reputation, and he was a good man, but he promised that there would be restaurants (legal alcohol).  He thought all who wanted a dram should be able to have it.  Those who did not want to have it, it was ok.  
     The Republicans were for the sobriety law.  When the day for voting came, the Republicans elected the president. (Calvin Coolidge)  The Republicans got 40 states for him and the Democrats' governor got 6 states.  You see the people did not want to have "restaurants".  Indeed, the law was passed, but it will be harder.
     Brother Albert, I see that you have passed 80, so you will be free from working.  You have sons who can do the job.  Before in Sweden, when you were 50, you would not do anything.  (they retired?).  
     Kindest regards to you.  Thanks for letters I get.  It is so nice to hear from you.  May God be with us in our different ways, and help us so will be happily saved home with God.
     From your sincere brother.
              J.V. Swenson

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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