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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

96. April 1927

This letter may be out of order.  Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the date as many of them have no date.  Jonas Victor writes of the problems of old age. Fia is Anna Sofia, his older sister.  Roselyn.

Clay Center, Kansas
April, 1927 

Dear Brother Albert and Family,
     As you can see, I am at my son's home, but only for a couple of weeks.  I have nothing to do, so I thought I would try to write a letter to you.  
     I am in good health for my age.  I do not have the advantage as Fia has, who can see and hear, but I can stand up every morning.  If the weather is fine and the road dry, I walk about one English mile per day.
     I have thought of sister Fia.  She causes trouble for the close family and to know that, is hard.  What does she want to do?
     I am with my children, but I pay.  They do everything they can for me.  Here it is very fine, so I have to be dressed up.  When I go from my room to the dining table I wear "Banros" (bow tie)? around my neck and a jacket.  There is a very fine cloth on the table, and I have to avoid a drop of coffee and use a fork.  The knife is only used a little.  If I use a knife, they do not say anything, but I want to do the same way as the others.
     The weather is fine here.  The winter has been nice.  It has been snowing a couple of times, but is melted away after a couple of days.  I like it when the snow melts, so I can walk.
     Oats was sown here in the beginning of March.  Wheat and everything looks good.  It has been raining, so grass and everything--both the meadow and pastures can grow.
     Many are dependent on other people, who are used to living a great life.  The automobiles take so much from people of small means.  They want to have automobiles, and there is a high tax according to size.  Now everybody wants to have big automobiles.  It is good for those who can afford.  The horses get the largest gain.

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