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Friday, January 6, 2012

98. April, 1927 Part 3.

Jonas Victor Swenson again remembers his childhood country, and misses his wife five years after her death.  Roselyn

Clay Center, Kansas
April, 1927 Part 3

     How are you?  Have they done anything with the moving of houses in Hamra?  Is there any business with the wood?  Have they been able to sell? 
     I did not know how to reward you for what I learned in your letters, so I thought I would send the newspaper.  Perhaps you have received it.  Let me know.
     When I am sitting alone, my thoughts go to Sweden where my childhood was. I know that I have it better here, than what I would have had it there.  I remember my native country and appreciate it.  For forty years, I cultivated my farm here, and as long as I did that, I did not think so much about my native country.
     It has been five years, June 7, since my wife died.  I think the time has gone relatively quickly, but many days have been long, and many times my eyes have been filled with tears.
     During this time, everybody has taken good care of me, but what I miss is "my great companion".  The day is coming soon when I will be at my wife's side.  My God's will happen!
     Now I finish my long letter.  My wish is that you all are well.  The reunion will come.       
    Now, I just think how valuable it is that we can have contact with letters, though my writing is bad.
     When you can, do send me a letter, so I get to know how you are and what is happening in Hamra.

        J.V. Svenson
        My address is as usual,
        J.V. Svenson
        Randolph, Kansas, America


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