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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

104. August 1928 Part 2

Jonas Victor continues in this letter, to speak about money he is owed by the family.  He mentions his daughter, Tilda, who was Matilda Swenson Skonberg, my father's mother and my grandmother. It is interesting to think that she had some kind of written connection to Anna Greta's mother. It would be nice to have some letters from women in the family.   Roselyn

Omaha, Nebraska
August, 1928  Part 2
     We had done so much for my parents-in-law.  I think they would have had difficulty living without our help.  They could not get a farmhand, so I had to work hard.  I did not cost them anything.  I had clothes, but I wore them out.  I bought new clothes when I got married.
     My mother-in-law told Tilda that Victor and Anna Geta worked hard.  Tilda told us this a year ago.  I looked in the box where my wife's gold rings were.  I saw 4 wide gold rings and 2 thin ones.  She had received them from her mother.  It was noted whom they were from, and how many carats they had. I think that her mother wanted my wife to have these rings.
     I never told my children so none of them know anything about this.  I had forgotten all of the work we did at that time.  It is such a little sum, so think nothing of it.  We have been blessed both with spiritual and physical things.
     I made a loan of $2,000 to the son of a friend, and he has not paid.  His father signed the loan.  Now the father has lost that money for his children and others, so he has no money left.  I will not get the money back, but it is no trouble for me.  It will only be that much less money after my death.
     I will now finish with kindest regards to all of you.
     I hope that God will bless us, so we may meet God.

Brotherly, Victor Swenson

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